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Good, Evil, and the big “M”

As an outspoken atheist I often get two relatively important questions asked the most. “Where do your morals come from?” And “if you don’t believe in anything where does good and evil come from?” I say they’re relatively important because these questions have been answered more times than I could count. Yet religious people continue to ask it anyway. It’s like the one kid in class that ask the same question over and over again until you want to throw a book at them.

I’ll start with the morality question.

- Morality comes because we are social animals. We as a collective species have decided that living in close proximity to one another and pooling our resources is the greatest means for survival both for ones self and the species. This trait occurs in many species of mammals, fish, insects, etc. In order for multiple people to live together there needs to be simple protections and trust. How can i live next to someone and share with them if I think they’ll kill me and or take my things. So we develop empathy to ensure the society thrives and the species continues.
- I do not believe in subjective or absolute morality, situational morality is the most accurate way of assessing right from wrong. Morality, much as most aspects of life, changes as time moves on. I don’t believe its subjective because there would be no point to morality, everyone would be justified in whatever they did. Instead I believe that murder is morally wrong or justified dependent on the situation. If someone kills someone whose hurting them or their loved one they shouldn’t be punished as strictly (or at all depending on the servility of the threat) as someone who kills for the fuck of it. To me the most important rule for morality is treat someone the way you would like yourself or someone you love or care about to be treated.

Now onto good/evil:
- To start I’ll have to explain that we are all animals. We’ve evolved at the same rate as all the other animals and therefore have the same instincts and desires as every other animal. If threatened kill or run. If hungry take, kill, or fight for food. And of course there’s the insatiable need to procreate. Unfortunately it takes an immensely long time to evolve, and our societies/ advancements are progressing far more rapidly. We live in the twenty-first century, with twenty-first century tech and weapons, while having the minds and instinct of cavemen.

- As stated earlier we are social animals. We’ve come together and agreed upon a social contract. Some of it’s put into law and others are more of an expected understanding like morality. So we expect everyone to fall inline with the social norms to an extent. Naturally no one will follow it to the letter but there are certain things we expect everyone to follow like don’t kill people for no reason, or don’t rape ever. Now when people deviate more than expected there’s different levels and reactions. Small things like religious affiliation and gender could make you an outcast or lead to persecution. Yet deviating to an extreme such as killing 200 children is evil. This is because its a gross violation to the social contract and a threat to the society.

- The same goes for good. It is also a deviation from the norm but one that helps more people and strengthens the contract/society by providing an exceptional example.

In conclusion morality, evil, and good are all the same thing. Made up ideas meant to protect an agreed upon way of life. No need for a god no need for it to come from ancient books or charismatic speakers. All we need is “Don’t fuck with me I won’t fuck with you” and everything will be alright.

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Just a little about me

I’ve been trying to think of a way to start with this blog. A way to ease anyone who happens to be curious enough to read my blog.

Well I guess I’ll start with the basics. I’m an asshole. I find political correctness to be a waste of time. Ethics mostly impedes the progression of the human race. And the first amendment of the U.S constitution is one of the most important protections imaginable. In short I say what I want, whenever I want, to whomever I want.

I am an agnostic atheist anti-theist; politically independent social-democrat who tends to lean left on most issues to an extent. I find religion outdated and obsolete at its finest; venomous and detrimental to mankind at it’s worst. I find groups like Feminism and Male’s rights groups to be silly notions (though I’ll go further in depth at a later time.)

I enjoy deep conversations on philosophy, history, religion, ideologies, anything one could talk about. But do not think I will keep any criticisms of the subject to myself out of some faulty expectation of respect. I expect proof, evidence, and logic from conversations. In the battlefield of ideas only those backed by reality can survive.

I’m not much of a pop-culture critic, but occasionally I’ll write about shows, music, and books I enjoyed or despised. I also have a fanatic love of science and its applications both momentarily and theoretically. That being said I am not a scientist, just a fan boy so if I say something wrong please correct me (correct me in any place you feel I’m wrong, it’s important to be as correct as possible)

I suppose that’s good enough of an initiation to me. Thanks to anyone who read this long post through to end! I’ll try to be consistent in my writings, though I’m incredibly lazy and a bit apathetic. So what’ll happen will happen.

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Typically I use this forum as place to look at funny images or read controversial post. I never really give my own input to the stories. It may only matter to me (yet seeing how this is my blog why should I care if it doesn’t matter to anyone else), but from now on I’ll use it as a medium for my ideas and positions on everyday life and the political spectrum.

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Anonymous said: Is that not an exclusively Christian discussion? Christians talking with Christians how Christianity should be? I don't think they have an obligation to address a secular viewpoint. If you don't accept the preassumption that God exists, you're not part of the discussion to begin with. That's like compary A telling company B how they should run their business or a right-wing party telling a left-wing party what their policy should be.


Except they’re debasing issues that effect society at large, which I’m kind of a fucking part of.

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Children are not possessions.
Children are not accessories.
Children are not relationship band aids.
They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

Be kind to them.

Nah. I hate them.

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